Par might have been appropriated from the personal movements, i constantly run the latest teams playing with that methods

“We need to feel notice-critical. I have maybe not learnt on Par, in habit we always utilized their tips and you can method, therefore we always speak about what we manage as Par . .. I haven’t read it, but we understand away from compas [comrades] who’ve … and it is regarding a discussion of teachers to the communities … was indeed the fresh new importance is put with what the community suggests” (Posada, letter.d.).

An alternative of your experts insists one to Level might have been engrossed because the a simple arsenal out of practices which is knowingly made use of and has now end up being the predominant answer to run communities:

“We are employed in a topic-to-subject relationship, What i’m saying is, although we had been at the rear of the process, i attempted to always maintain an unbarred area off horizontal correspondence, certainly means, perhaps not a vertical model where we might were the spokespeople plus the people simple users. Like that, part of the people within process was indeed the organizations and you may us” (Torres, letter.d.).

Then your class was split into shorter communities to allow conversation for example it works before the big date closes

In practice, yet not, applying a par investment is often riddled having issues and you may tensions. In order to assess the actual habit of Par on perspective of agrarian movements in Colombia today, we will focus on the really works done in a few municipalities, Pradera and you can Tulua, that are area of the ZRC opportunity.

In theory, this can be most of the quite simple

Normally, to help you perform the lookup, your neighborhood branch of your agrarian union manage phone call each one of the newest neighbours when you look at the a great corregimiento to have an event into the a specific go out. Conferences tend to last for a full go out, a variety of grounds: people need stroll enough time ranges, both days, to arrive at the brand new hallway or the venue the spot where the fulfilling is actually taking place. Plus, from the very nature of your work in the latest country side, in which kind of work may go into throughout the day, when one requires an early morning from, otherwise couple of hours also, this may be form the whole day try lost plus one has to help you re also-arrange the brand new each day tasks for the next go out. Constantly, the fresh new group meetings is actually organized which have one to inclusion by people in brand new union plus the regional activist, who give an explanation for requirement for work are complete and you will following proceed to introduce this new people in the research cluster, which up coming explain the strategy for usage on the day. Around, there clearly was a rest having poultry otherwise beef soups (sancocho) in order to take in a good murky-coloured take in based on boiled unrefined sugar (agua de- panela). This is certainly necessary once the individuals will feel employed by new entire go out and they can not go home for lunch. Along with, these types of options are not only places to possess political empowerment and you can combined meditation, they’re also crucial socialising circumstances from the life of the new area.

The brand new strategy with the variety of research are depending within the fool around with away from social cartography along with unlock and you may partial-prepared questions into groups of members. The fresh personal cartography involved asking the community to describe the newest territorial place of your own corregimiento taking into account about three proportions and this required to-be graphically portrayed: socio-less costly, environmental and you may effective. Because of it task, different sandwich-communities were given a large empty report and this only got first points out of reference: the borders of one’s corregimiento, an excellent hamlet (caserio), a central lake and you will a central road. In certain times, the brand new empty report with some activities from resource was thought to be difficult to focus on by the professionals, exactly who turned the fresh paper to start the societal cartography out-of abrasion.

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